About Me

The Universe is a beautifully mysterious place that I've spent most of my life passionately studying and exploring. Drawing is a form of meditation for me, a way of channeling cosmic energy and codes. I kept these artworks to myself for a very long time, but got the push recently to make them available to the public as the energy of the planet shifts into a higher frequency in order to help activate dormant parts of our DNA. There is great knowledge in the stars, which are within us, and as we expand with the Universe, we grow, we learn, and we live to our fullest potential. Whichever drawing resonates most with you is the one you're meant to have. Much information is contained within them and the more you look at and meditate with these drawings, the more the downloads will come.

To view more of my work, visit ericasimone.com (photography) & es-creative.com (art direction).

Please follow my IG page: @11.11ARTxSIMONE

— Erica Simone